All Calls should be made to our primary business number: +1 (305) 662-7400 or our secondary PBX toll-free +1 (877) 264-8729

All Customer Emergencies require a WebLog for SLA tracking and then alert the Emergency Response Team:

    • For Product Support: send an email to with “TRAX911” in the subject of the message with the WebLog#.
    • For Customers hosted on our TRAXCloud experiencing access or Infrastructure Issues: send an email to with “TRAX911” in the subject of the message with the WebLog#


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COVID-19 Threat Monitoring & Continuity Activities

Trax is closely monitoring the threat of COVID-19 to our staff, our community and our operational readiness. The State of Florida Health Department has added a COVID-19 section on their Site:

Visit this site for the latest information released from the Health Department including the statusboard of COVID-19 cases in the State.

TRAX continuity updates are aggregated from this site and other sources including the School Board, County Agencies and the CDC. Scroll down past the weather sections to our blog posts which you can subscribe to using your Outlook App or preferred news reader app.

Staff are instructed to review the Pandemic Outbreak section of the Continuity Plan in the Business Continuity section in Microsoft Teams.

Employees assigned to travel be sure to visit the CDC Traveler Info: 


    As a reminder that our Customers depend on Trax to support their mission-critical systems 24/7 & 365 days year. Trax is committed to maintain an optimal level of staffing without exposing our staff to unnecessary risk to Covid-19.

    BEING AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS TO AIRLINES, TRAX’S OFFICE HAS REMAINED OPEN FOR ALL EMPLOYEES with exceptions to persons at high risk due to serious medical conditions as defined by the CDC and the Florida Department of Health and partial Telework work for those that have kids under 14 out-of-school or daycare.

    As Florida and Miami-Dade County prepares to re-open, TRAX has published its COVID-19 Endurance and Rebound Plan that provides further guidance to Traxers as to which of them are considered Essential Workers, which of them qualify for new voluntary Telework schedules, to reduce risks, costs and avoid/reduce layoffs, and our strategy to assure TRAX will rebound to full operational capacity as quickly as the Airlines rebound to theirs. But ultimately, the Plan is designed for Traxers & the Company to endure this crisis and after it is over, to assure Traxers deem TRAX worthy of their time & talents, which will be critical to any attempt at a rebound to a new normal.

    The COVID-19 Endurance and Rebound Plan aligns to the Re-open Florida Task Force Plan and will be enhanced and updated to meet Miami-Dade County’s New Normal Handbook.

    In accordance with the current Re-open Florida Plan, Non-essential Travel should be kept at a minimum throughout Phase 2 and can resume when Phase 3 begins. International Travel for Traxers will not re-open until Phase 3 begins unless it is for an extended trip with a duration that extends past/into a confirmed Phase 3 date going into effect.