MROs and Managed Fleet Service Providers

Meet the challenges of a competitive MRO market with eMRO & eMobility.

eMRO has 21 modules that include the following functionality and more:

●   Maintenance of all airline & fleet assets

●   Mobile apps with offline capability

●   Supply Chain Management

●   Line Maintenance

●   In-house Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

●   Planning & Resource Management

●   Digital Technical Publications

●   Electronic Data Interchange iSpec 2100, Spec 2000, etc.

●   Paperless, e-Signature, Biometric Security

●   Financial Management Integration

●   Work anywhere with real-time information

●   Quality Assurance

Fast turnaround times (TAT) defines success today in a highly competitive MRO market. eMRO is an end-to-end solution that meets that challenge for airframe, component, engine, shop, and heavy maintenance areas. The software helps streamline in-house and third-party work by providing a paperless and web-based solution.

eMobility Suite of mobile applications allow for real-time progression of heavy checks with dashboard-based labor management. These apps transform the way mechanics and storekeepers work and how tooling and materials are dispersed, tracked, and managed.

Software features include:

●   Maintenance, Material, Site Capacity & Labor Planning

●   Paperless, Digitized Task Cards, Electronic signatures

●   Dashboards and Integrated business intelligence tools

●   Estimation / Quote management

●   Financial tracking & Cost analysis

●   Third-party contract management & billing

●   Customer Portal for

●   Check progression

●   Labor, material & add-bill electronic approvals

●   Check package uploads (Taskcards, MPD, spreadsheets, etc.)

●   Compliance downloads for fast return to service

●   Workscope estimation, status & progress

●   Routine & Non-routine estimations

●   Communication via chat – For customers & employees

We deliver the applications that help to ensure your customer’s satisfaction whilst increasing efficiency, lowering of costs, and all-around improvement & modernization of your operation.

TRAX also offers a hosted cloud-based application delivery model which enables airline operators to experience and reap the benefits and low costs offered by a private-cloud application solution (on the AWS Global Platform) for a nominal monthly subscription fee.