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  • Supported Configurations – Are you running obsolete software in your solution stack? Review our Certification Matrix to ensure your stack is fully supported by all vendors.

    We have received requests for new modifications requests and for TRAX upgrades whilst still running an obsolete version of the Oracle 11g v11.2.0.3. or earlier/older releases. TRAX v12+ requires Oracle 12g or greater. TRAX v11+ has been certified for Oracle 12g.

    Oracle’s Extended Support only applies/works so long as you are running the Terminal Patchset or Terminal Release of the version that has been desupported. Oracle Database v11.2.0.3 for example was desupported completely as of August 27, 2015. Since then, the only Oracle Database 11g version eligible for Extended Support for is on v11.2.0.4. which ends on December 31, 2020. Any call to Oracle for any patch prior to will be refused until you have applied the terminal patchset Unfortunately, does not apply as a traditional patch. It requires a fresh new installation. So its essentially an upgrade masked as a patchset.

    After January 2020, TRAX v11.5 will no longer be supported for bug fixes. Any calls/weblogs relating to v11.5 will be replied to with a desupported version response. There is nothing Trax can do to fix issues on versions of Trax, Oracle, Windows/Linux, Wildfly, Weblogic or Java/PB that are obsolete. Oracle being the most critical component, our propulsion system, must be maintained (patched/upgraded) to ensure Oracle Support is available for your Production system. Without 3rd party vendor Support, Trax may be limited to its capability to meet SLA requirements and as to what patches, fixes & upgrades it can deliver. This is true for any software vendor.